SUPERCARD DS TWO + 8GB micro SD card


Quick Overview:

The R4 DS was the most popular DS flash card for a very long time. The huge success of the DSI Supercard DStwo is mainly down to its ability in allowing you store extra files on your console thanks to its Micro SD memory card support.


Product Description

Supercard DS two `

The Supercard – Team has a absoltuten modules – gebracht.Die hammer on the market Supercard2 fo r DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL

The Supercard DSTwo is the successor to the now world-famous Supercard DS One i It is a well-designed flash card made ​​by Supercard. Compared to other cards have the Supercard DS 2 via a built-in CPU, thanks to this, it is possible to simulate the DS 2 an inlaid game.
* Compatibility: DS, DS.lite, DSi & DSi XL (also compatible with current firmware 1.4.2E)
* Nintendo 3DS (update must be performed by a DSi or DS.lite!) Here we offer a pre-installed version, if you are unable to older unit!
* Supports memory card up to max. 32GB Capacity
* Supports SDHC memory cards
* Supports FAT32 formatted memory cards
* Supports Moonshell and other homebrew applications and games
* Supports WiFi, DS Rumble Pak and DS Browser
* Unterstützt Action Replay Cheat Codes!
* Supports software reset!
* Maximum compatibility of homebrew games and applications!
* Built-in CPU, more power for homebrew applications such as the GBA!
* Screen brightness in 4 steps! (Only ds.lite)
* User-friendly menu guidance. Input via touch screen and the control buttons!
* Graphical User Interface
* Integriertes “NoPass”
* No additional Passme / superkey module needs!

Supercard DSTWO Card *
* U SB cable for uploading the updates
* MicroSD memory card reader for USB
1 x 8GB Micro SD Memory Card
* FOR DS, DS Lite, DSi und DSi XL
* NOT suitable for 3DS


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